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5 Tips when buying used golf items

Buying any used golf gear these days have become quite a nerve racking experience. We all know that golf gear has become a bit more pricy over the last few years so not getting what you were paying for or being a victim of a scam can be a big pain for most golfers. Used items are still a great way to get some great gear without breaking the bank.

So to help you make sure you get the best bang for your buck here is the 5 best tips for your next purchase.

1. Get as much information from the seller when buying used golf items

Communication is key! When trying to purchase an item get as much details as possible on the item. Things like age, condition, scratches and all the specs on the item is something you need to confirm before making any offer.

2. A picture is worth a 1000 words

Get as much pictures as possible. Not just of the item but any damages or scratches as well. Ask the seller directly to send you pictures of the dents and scratches as well. This will allow you to manage your expectations when receiving the item and make sure you are willing to pay the price the seller is asking for.

3. Review the seller’s credibility

It’s amazing what you can learn with a quick Google search. Even if someone on Facebook has reported the person to a community Google will help you find any warnings on a certain scammer. Also don’t hesitate to ask your online communities if anyone has purchased from a seller before or if they know the seller.

4. Meet a seller in person

Even though this limits your available options on items to purchase, meeting a seller in person makes it very simple to view the condition of the item as well as to purchase the item and not get scammed. Try to meet in a public place to ensure everyone involved is protected.

5. Use a buyer protection platfrom

Platforms like SwingSave offers users a 100% guaranteed and protected platform to buy and sell golf items. All dents and scratches must be declared when sellers list the items and if any damages were not disclosed the payment can be disputed afterwards to bring down the price you paid for an item. Your item is also insured while being transported and all payments are secured in their Escrow account. Learn more here.

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