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Billing Statement

Table of Contents

1. Fees

Fees on transactions only to sellers and buyers.

1.1. Listing Fees


1.1.1. Standard Listing Fee:

In most categories, standard listings such as Auctions and Buy Nows are free to list. 

1.1.2. Featured Listing Fee:

When listing an item, sellers can apply additional exposure to increase the views of their listing.. Featured listing costs are non-refundable and will be assessed whether or not a sale occurs. Featured listing Costs 

Featured listings are charged at R50 for a time period of 7 days. After the 7 days the item will be changed back to non-featured.


1.2. Fees


1.2.1.Site Fees SwingSave charges a 10% fee to the seller on each transaction amount, excluding delivery expenses, on all types of listings unless stipulated or agreed upon differently. This 10% fee includes the platform cost as well as the transaction fee, regardless of the Buyer’s preferred payment method. Featured listings will be charged the entire transaction 10% fee, regardless of whether or not the listing has been paid to be featured.

1.2.2. Payment Processing Fees All payment processing fees are included in the fees discussed int Clause All transaction fees are non-refundable in the event of a dispute, and any refund or reversal of transactions will have all fees deducted from the amount refunded. Transaction fees are as follows:

Payment Method
Fee in %
Normal EFT
Instant EFT
Visa/Master Card
3.5% Buyers are responsible for shipping fees. After successfully completing a transaction the buyer will also be charged a flat rate of R10 as part of the payment processing fees. This fee will be added at checkout.


2. Payment of SwingSave fees:


2.1. Once the buyer has made a successful payment, SwingSave fees will be collected.

2.2. By registering as a Seller on the SwingSave website, you authorize SwingSave to charge/bill/deduct any fees or amounts outstanding from your designated bank account, registered credit card, or available credit balance.

2.3. The difference between the Seller’s total sale price and the platform fees will be paid to the Seller’s bank account.

2.4. In addition to the 10% fee, the seller will be responsible for a payout fee of R10 (ten South African Rands) to their bank account.

2.5. SwingSave has the right to levy an R500 fee, inclusive of VAT. Accounts that have been banned or blacklisted due to non-payment of fees will incur a reactivation cost.

3. Refunds:


3.1. All refunds will be processed through the Tradesafe.

3.2. All refunds will be processed within 10 working days from the specified date of the refund request.

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Why do I need to provide my ID and mobile number?


First off, your details are safe and secure. Your information is encrypted with the highest industry-specific standards which can be found in most banks.


Our payment service provider is TradeSafe Escrow. When the buyer deposits the funds, they will make payment to TradeSafe who will hold the funds in the middle (in a trust account). Once the seller has delivered what was ordered, then TradeSafe releases the funds to the selling party.


TradeSafe is required by the South African Reserve Bank to know the identities of the parties and that is why these details are required.