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SwingSave has established a set of listing policies to ensure that items listed adhere to a minimum standard, making it easier for everyone to transact on the SwingSave website. To promote a safe, fair, and enjoyable trading experience for all users, SwingSave has established a set of listing policies to ensure that items listed adhere to a minimum standard, making it easier for everyone to transact on the SwingSave website.

This Listing Policy is referenced in clause 4.4.4 of the Site’s Terms and Conditions of Use, and all users must follow it. All listings are subject to the following policies:

 1. Listings of items that are not allowed:

1.1. The items stated in section 1 may not be sold on SwingSave, and it is the seller’s entire obligation to guarantee that the listings do not include any of the following:

1.1.1. Stolen goods.

1.1.2. Illegally imported goods.

1.1.3. Goods and services that could be considered harmful or dangerous to people or property, either directly or indirectly, according to their nature.

1.1.4. Any product that is not related to any part or experience of golf equipment, services or being related to playing golf.

1.1.5. Any goods and services that are deemed as inappropriate for sale on this site at the sole discretion of SwingSave.

1.1.6. Goods and Services of which the sale and/or export would be in contravention of South African law.

1.1.7. Offers to give away products or services for free.

1.1.8. Mystery items, or any product where the final item received is not clearly described in the listing. 

1.1.9 Any grey or parallel imports or any product not purchased through the correct local suppliers where applicable.

1.1.10 Any golf products where the sale is prohibited by the brand. These items include but are not limited to products intended for tour players like the Circle T putters from Scotty Cameron.

2. Categories that items are listed in:

2.1. Items should be listed in the correct category that caters for the type of item.

2.2. Listing the same product in multiple categories are not allowed.

 3. Item condition:

3.1. The item’s listed condition should always be a true reflection of the item’s actual state.

3.2. Under no circumstances is it permissible to misrepresent the item’s state, such as listing an item as new when it is used.

 4. Titles, descriptions and images:

4.1. The titles and descriptions of the items for sale must accurately reflect what is being sold.

4.2. It is not permitted to misrepresent brand names or other words in order to attract purchasers to listings.

4.3. The information in the listing description must be clear and simple to comprehend:

4.3.1. Exclusions or missing pieces of objects sold in the listing must be explicitly indicated in the description. For instance, selling a driver without a grip (a grip is usually provided when purchasing a driver).

4.3.2. Keyword spamming or the use of keywords inappropriately to manipulate search results or listing ranks is not permitted.

4.3.3. Profanity, abusive language, and imagery are not permitted.

4.4. The use of images in listings:

4.4.1. When selling new items, the sole use of stock photos in item descriptions is permitted.

4.4.2. Original photos of the actual item must be included in the description of secondhand goods listings, and the only use of stock images is not permitted.

4.4.3. Images used must not violate copyright or trademark laws, and users must have permission to use copyrighted images.

4.4.4 In the photographs connected to each item, all dents, scratches, and defects must be visible. Only brand-new objects can be categorized as new, and no damage evidence is required because there should be none.


5. Pricing

5.1. Anything that tries to avoid paying SwingSave costs is prohibited, such as catalog sales, cross-selling, and upselling.

5.2. It is not permitted to sell things for pennies on the dollar in order to avoid paying SwingSave fees or to obtain the buyer’s contact information. SwingSave defines nominal amounts as R0.01, R0.10, R1.00, or any other quantity that is deemed nominal by SwingSave.

5.3. It is not permitted to advertise things for free in order for the customer and seller to boost their favorable rating score.

5.4. It is not permitted to list things that require an additional purchase, swop, or trade in.


6. Shipping Terms and Charges:

6.1. Shipping charges should not be included in the listing because shipping is calculated and payable to the buyer at the time of purchase.

6.2. To maintain the lowest costs for all parties involved, deliveries will only be made on business days.

6.3. Electronically distributed goods may not be subject to shipping or handling expenses.

6.4. No items may be shipped from or to South Africa from outside of the country’s borders.

6.5. All other terms and conditions are as stated in Annexure A of The Courier Guy’s terms and conditions.

7. Links and Contact details:

7.1. Contact information, such as email addresses, website addresses, phone numbers, or physical addresses, may not be included in auction or Buy Now listings.

7.2 External links on listings that travel outside of the domain are not authorized, with the exception of connections to manufacturer web pages that provide customers with more product information (independent 3rd party information pages).

7.3. Links to websites where a product can be purchased are not permitted.

7.4. Links to sites where the buyer can access the seller’s contact information in order to complete the transaction outside of the SwingSave platform are not permitted.


8. Payment

8.1 SwingSave guarantees payments received through the Tradesafe payment service, and sellers may not withhold shipping until SwingSave processes a payout request.

8.2 After winning an auction or placing an order for a “Buy Now” item, buyers have 48 hours to pay in full. If full payment is not received within this time frame, the item will be relisted and made available to other potential buyers.

9. Listing Abuse, manipulation

9.1. A seller may not manipulate or exploit the listing service in order to increase the visibility of their listings or to spam the SwingSave website. This includes, but is not limited to, the following:

9.1.1. Item relisting with short listing durations on a regular basis.

9.1.2 Keyword spamming (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (paraphrase) (

9.1.3. Spamming categories by listing many things that are the same or similar.

9.1.4. Having the same items listed in several categories.

9.1.5 Sellers who are found to be abusing the listing service will be warned and may be charged an excess listing fee of R 10 for each listing that exceeds the free listing threshold (The free listing allowance is calculated as the greater of: 100 listing per week calculated from Sunday to Saturday or the maximum number of sales by a seller in a week over the past six weeks multiplied by five).


10. Shill bidding:

10.1. It is not permitted to bid on your own listings or objects in order to inflate or manipulate the price or the auction.

10.2. It is not permitted to have family members or friends bid on things in order to manipulate pricing.

10.3 Shill bidding accounts that have been registered will be disabled.

10.4. Accounts of sellers who engage in shill bidding may be limited or disabled.

10.5. To have the account restriction reviewed, restricted selling accounts may be asked to pay an R500 administration fee.


11. Charity and Competition listings:

11.1. Items requesting entries for a competition or charitable donations must be approved by SwingSave before being listed.

11.2. When creating an account to list products, you must enter your charity and non-profit fundraising numbers.

11.3. It has been approved. SwingSave will allow charities to list things in the charity section.


12. Market prices:

12.1. Market pricing may not be artificially raised to give the illusion of savings.

12.2 Only utilize market prices if they can be easily validated with real-world instances.


13. Stock availability and drop-shipping:

13.1. All of the items in the list should be in stock and ready to ship.

13.2. Items sold that are out of stock or that the vendor is unable to ship may be excluded from the listing. (This may result in bad ratings and the rejection of future listings.)

13.3. Sellers who desire to list drop-shipped items must first get authorization from SwingSave and agree to payouts and listing counts being limited at SwingSave’s discretion.

13.4. Pre-Order listings are only permitted with SwingSave’s full permission. Sellers that post unapproved pre-order items risk having their listings removed and losing their listing fees.


14. Discretion:

14.1. SwingSave reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove any listing deemed essential without having to tell the seller.

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Why do I need to provide my ID and mobile number?


First off, your details are safe and secure. Your information is encrypted with the highest industry-specific standards which can be found in most banks.


Our payment service provider is TradeSafe Escrow. When the buyer deposits the funds, they will make payment to TradeSafe who will hold the funds in the middle (in a trust account). Once the seller has delivered what was ordered, then TradeSafe releases the funds to the selling party.


TradeSafe is required by the South African Reserve Bank to know the identities of the parties and that is why these details are required.