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Cobra Speed LD

Starting bid: R750.00
Vendor: USER-14639
Time left:

Ping G410 Crossover

Starting bid: R1,500.00
Vendor: USER-15698
Time left:

TaylorMade M4 2018

Starting bid: R3,400.00
Vendor: USER-15696
Time left:

Ping G425

Starting bid: R6,800.00
Vendor: USER-15680
Time left:

Par-Rite G-650

Starting bid: R260.00
Vendor: USER-14438
Time left:

Pinseeker Magna

Starting bid: R300.00
Vendor: USER-14438
Time left:

Mizuno MP20 HMB

Starting bid: R11,500.00
Vendor: USER-14342
Time left:

TaylorMade R580

Starting bid: R1,000.00
Vendor: USER-5099
Time left:

Mizuno Widec

Starting bid: R8,000.00
Vendor: USER-14340
Time left:

Titleist 910 D2

Starting bid: R1,000.00
Vendor: USER-13325
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Why do I need to provide my ID and mobile number?


First off, your details are safe and secure. Your information is encrypted with the highest industry-specific standards which can be found in most banks.


Our payment service provider is TradeSafe Escrow. When the buyer deposits the funds, they will make payment to TradeSafe who will hold the funds in the middle (in a trust account). Once the seller has delivered what was ordered, then TradeSafe releases the funds to the selling party.


TradeSafe is required by the South African Reserve Bank to know the identities of the parties and that is why these details are required.